Dead Hook
Boss Time Challenge
Get ready to claim these awesome rewards for your top-notch skills in the Boss Challenge
What to do?
Get ready for an exciting competition: the Boss Trial! Record a video of your battle with the first boss of the game (the Guardian of the Ancient Eye), aiming for a speedy victory. The quicker you defeat it, the better your shot at claiming the prize.
Prize pool
1st Place: 1x Clip-on Headphones + Dead Hook T-shirt
2nd Place: 1x Facial Interface + Dead Hook T-shirt
3rd Place: 1x Link Cable + Dead Hook T-shirt
  • You can use footage recorded only by yourself. Make sure the footage contains the fight with the first boss, known as the Guardian of the Ancient Eye.

  • Start your recording by showcasing the buffs and guns you've gathered before the boss fight. You can do it by opening the menu tab before entering the room number 10, the boss fight room.

  • The title of your video must contain the word "Dead Hook".

  • The video must be publicly available on YouTube.

  • The footage should be unedited and contain only the 1st boss fight. Start recording after killing the regular enemies in room number 9 before entering the room number 10, collecting the reward, and showing your buffs and guns. End your recording after killing the boss and It's death animation.

Important: Keep the boss death animation in your sight, so we'll be able to track the exact timings.

  • Each participant can submit up to 3 videos, showcasing your best times during the challenge.
The challenge will begin on Thursday, August 31!

Participants have 2 weeks to submit their videos on our Discord server in the submit-video channel before September 15, 23:59 UTC

We'll announce the winners on September 18.